Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Molly!

We had an early celebration of my sister Molly's birthday last Saturday evening at Bella Italia, a smallish restaurant tucked away in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Opened in 1999, we're surprised they managed to survive this far in a predominantly chinese area. The lamb shank with risotto rice was very good! Another dish of note is the seafood sphagetti baked in foil. All these were washed down with a 2004 Spy Valley sauvignon blanc from New Zealand....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bon voyage!

Had a farewell dinner last Thursday evening for Christie, a colleague, who is going on a 2 year sabbatical to Beijing, China. The gathering of old friends was at Gu Yu Tien (formerly Fine Circle Chinese Cuisine) located at Chulan Square. Food was served individually instead of the usual communal style of chinese dining. They called it fine chinese dining (?).....

Pan-fried codfish with a special sauce made from red & green peppers

Humble kailan presented artistically

Oriental lambchops

Rich man's fried rice

A toast to the farewell girl

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Model shoot - Sandy

Last Sunday morning was spent on a model shoot at fellow Photo Malaysia member Dr Teh's residence in Shah Alam. He has a nice garden complete with a pergola & a huge koi pond. Most of the PMers present were also busy with macro shoots as there were lots of such opportunities in the compound.

Sandy is a MBA student moonlighting in part-time modelling work while the rest of us were serious hobbyists trying to sharpen our skills in portraiture photography. Perfect match. We made use of reflectors for the outdoor shoot. But for indoors, it was only the flash for lighting and available window light. All in all, a satisfying outing and much appreciation to Dr Teh for his great hospitality in hosting the shoot.

Sandy's trademark smile...

Pretty in pink, her favorite colour

Oriental beauty

Check out the earrings!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Attended the opening ceremony of my cousin Angie's new venture into the jewelry business. Strands Bead Gallery & Academy is an outlet in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas specialising in beaded jewelry and also offering classes in jewel art. I'm no expert in these stuff but they appear classy, with clean designs depicting simplistic elegance.

A selection of trinkets from the gallery

Congratulatory bouquet

More flowers & messages

Happy satisfied customers

Guests in their Saturday casual chic

Support from the cousins

More customers here

It's a family affair too...

Mom & daughters shopping

Jasmine & Carol

Derek & customer

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cheng Beng Festival

I was back home in Taiping over the weekend to observe an early ritual of the annual Cheng Beng festival which falls on 5 April this year. It is usually a family gathering of sorts to pay respects to our departed loved ones.
First stop was for my grandfather at the Hokkien cemetery. We forgot to light a cigar for him this year. Memories of grandfather lingers still, when we were small, without fail, he would bring us lanterns when the festival is due. Later we drove up another part of a steep hill to visit my grandmother's grave. Her location commands a nice view of the hills and overlooks a small village, the landscape of which is changing with the development of houses.
Lastly a visit to the Buddhist temple along Creagh Road to offer prayers for my parents. Sorely missed is definitely Mum's cooking, of course and my father's chatty & witty presence.

In between the busy schedule, took some macro shots with the D7os and the 50mm lens with a +4 close-up filter. Some shots were also taken with the long end of the 18-70mm kit lens.

Orchid - in the garden of the Taiping house

White flower bud


Wild yellow flower near my grandfather's grave

Another wild flower growing out from my grandmother's tombstone