Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Edwardians Class of 77

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The Edwardians Class of 77 had a gathering at The Tavern, Guinness Anchor on 1 Nov 2007. Quite a good turnout with about 40 schoolmates present although it could have been better. It was great meeting all these people who were with me in school so long ago. Some of them I do not recognise and some have changed so much.

Lawrence Kong looked jetlagged from his 20+ hours flight from US. Others include Sivamoorthy who came back from Sydney and Long Tai Hian from UK. We were told Rudy just got on a plane from Melbourne. He will make it for the Taiping chapter of this gathering.

A couple of law enforcement guys were there. ASP Kut Choy the mostly unlikely chap to join the force! DSP Zolkifli from Bukit Aman. Dr Mazwar came back from JB. Another chap Kol Sainudin is in the military. And of course, Stanley Chang had to be famously late...He's not in the group photo. We have a great bunch here......

Many thanks to the committee who pulled this off with their unselfish contribution towards making this event possible. George, Chee Seong, David, Fauzi & Hilal.......you're great! And of course, not forgetting Chiam Eng Thiam, who hosted the event at The Tavern, where he's actually paid to enoy the free flow of beer there!

Hope to see all these guys again in 2010......

More photos here.

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XFACTOR said...

It's so nice to see so many of the old faces.You're right.Most of them are unrecognisable.I've lost all my old magazines so I'm wondering I you could scan and post the pphotos of all the Form 5 classes of 1977.Thanks and best wishes.