Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spanish culinary delights!

During the trip, we had paella after paella, having found out that each region has their own specialty in preparing the stuff. The best is said to be in Valencia. We had that while there but too hungry to take photos. And of course, tapas! These are small plates or bowls of cooked dishes served either hot or cold to accompany your favourite beverage. Here's some images of the food sampled in Spain.

Seafood paella in Barcelona

Grilled cuttlefish

Deep fried peppers

Shellfish in some spicy sauce

Fried calamares

Spanish bruschetta - raw tomatoes rubbed against bread with olive oil

Patata bravas - fried potatoes with a special tangy sauce

Selection of olives

Spinach omellete - popular breakfast item

Estrella - local beer

Hot chocolate at the Bra Cafe (since 1929)

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